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TMD Friction added the Japanese conveyor brand Nisshinbo to its portfolio.

TMD Friction announced the expansion of its brand portfolio. In addition to the Textar, Mintex and DON brake components, the company starts supplying the Japanese Nisshinbo products to the aftermarket. 

At the moment, the range of supplies includes 400 items of brake pads of the Japanese brand and will be expanded with 350 items of brake discs soon. The composition of the brake pad material of the brand that was developed on the basis of a new generation of asbestos-free friction mixtures (NAO) provides high wear characteristics, reduces noise and minimizes dust. This is to meet the specific requirements of the manufacturers of passenger cars and LCV of Japanese and Korean brands.

Due to the transfer of supply channels of the Nisshinbo products under the TMD Friction management, the packaging of Japanese components got new modern design in orange color.